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FarragoFiction is a website with multiple puzzles and games on it, mostly inspired by the lore surrounding the game SBURB, a fictional game from the webcomic Homestuck. Most of the puzzles have various amounts of gigglesnort in them, and can be solved by "thinking like a waste."

FarragoFiction was started by JR is January of 2017 while she was waiting for the Homestuck game Hiveswap to release. JR decided to try and program a game that would run a SBURB session by itself, and let you read what happened. The Sim didn't stop getting updates once Hiveswap came out (in December), and the website slowly grew in size and in people working on it, gaining various DollMakers, games based around specific Lands in SBURB, a Sim where you take care of Troll Grubs, and various buried secrets that can only be found by wasting.

The rest is history.

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